Our company manufactures accelerators for unsaturated polyester resins PET & PETE, thermoplastic resins and fibre-reinforced polymers.


The accelerators can be distinguished in to two product categories single metal and combination of metals.

The metal carboxylate used as accelerators are Cobalt, Barium, Potassium, Sodium.


Another metal carboxylate that has a special application in polyester systems is copper that is used to retard and not to accelerate the cure and to lower the peak of the exothermic reaction in certain formulations.


Single Metal Accelerators

Organo Co 12T

Organo Co 10T

Organo Co   8T

Organo Co   6T

Organo K 15

Organo Na 12

Organo Ba 12,5

Organo Cu 8

Organo Cu 6

Combined Metal Accelerators

Organomix 47