Barium driers are yellowish medium viscosity solutions of barium soap in organic solvents.



Barium is an auxiliary drier; it keeps the paint film open and acts in conjugation with other driers.​​ 

Therefore,​​ it shows poor drying action by itself.

In combination with cobalt it promotes the through - drying.

Barium drier is an excellent pigment wet and dispersion agent because it is selectively adsorbed by drier adsorbing pigments. 

For this reason it is very important to be added at the pigment grinding stage. 

The wetting and dispersing properties of the barium drier improve gloss of the paint and minimize the dry activity loss of the system. 

Barium is also used in water-borne alky resins instead of calcium. 


Barium drier is normally used in combination with other driers such as cobalt and manganese. 

It is successfully used to lead free drying paints.

Loss of dry agent.

Water borne paint

Reducing pinking effect of cobalt in unsaturated polyester resins.

Product range for alkyd resins in solvent​​ and water borne coatings 

ORGANO ​​ Ba 12,5

Solvents: White spirit, D60, Esters.


Iron drum of 200 kg, plastic drum of 50kg.