ORGANO Pb is a high viscous yellow colored solution of lead metallic soap with 2 – ethyl hexanoic acid​​ in mineral spirit.​​ 



Lead is an auxiliary drier known as a ` through drier ´. It functions through out the entire thickens of the coated film​​ 

and​​ for this property the flexibility, toughness and durability of the film increased.​​ 

Lead also improves the water and salt resistance of the film making it useful to rust preventing coatings.

Lead drier can give rise to precipitation in the film which in tern may cause haziness and loss of gloss.​​ 

This effect can be minimized when used in combination with calcium drier that acts as emulsifier and improves​​ 

the pigment dispersing and wetting properties.​​ 

Because of lead high toxicity, a great effort has been made to eliminate this metal from all formulations but still there has not been found

an equal substitute to imitate its performance.

The most widely used metals that can replace lead as driers are zirconium and strontium.

The metallic soaps absorbed in the organism decomposed through enzymatic hydrolysis to the cationic metal and the fatty acid.​​ 

For this reason the toxicity of metallic soaps is directly related to the toxicity of the free cationic metal.​​ 

Lead is a highly toxic metal that in cases of long - term intake may cause circulatory problems by affecting the biosynthesis of hemoglobin.

In some cases this effect may be irreversible. The symptoms are anemia, fatigue and lose of weight.

The EEC requires by its members all packing of non - industrial paints that contain more than 0.25% Pb should be labeled with warning labels.



Lead is normally used in combination with other driers such as cobalt, calcium and manganese.​​ 

There are limitations in the use of lead in aluminum paints



Product range


Organo Pb 33

Organo Pb 30

Organo Pb 24


Solvents:​​ White spirit, D60


Solubility:​​ Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents.



Organo Pb 33 ​​​​ ​​ Iron dram of 250kg, plastic drum of 65kg.

Organo Pb 30 ​​ ​​​​ Iron dram of 250kg, plastic drum of 65kg.

Organo Pb 24​​  ​​​​ Iron dram of 200kg, plastic drum of 50kg.