Fuel Catalysts

Our company produces Iron carboxylates as combustion catalysts for Diesel and Mazut fuels.

Iron based fuel additives have been shown to reduce DMP emissions form Diesel engines and the carbon emissions on turbines. 

Iron based additives acting also as anti-knocking agents and as smoke reduction agents by catalytically enhancing the oxidation of carbon particles.

Another metal carboxylate that can be used as a fuel additive is Manganese. 

From the1950s manganese based additives were produced and marketed with the claim that they increase the octane value in gasoline. 

Our company also conducted a tests to determine the effects of manganese carboxylates in the

measured octane value of gasoline. The results showed a minor increase in the octane value. 

Manganese additives are not widely used because of the manganese neurotoxicity.

However, still are used to improve combustion in heavy fuel oil (HFO) and low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO)

commonly used in ship engines, since they act as oxidation catalysts, they reduce the formation of SO3 

and lower the particulate fallout.