Cobalt driers are blue-violet low viscosity solutions of cobalt metallic soap with a synthetic fatty acid.




Cobalt is the most important and most widely used drier. It​​ is a primary oxidation catalyst that acts on top of the coated film.​​ 

For this reason it is known as Surface or Top drier. Cobalt does not discolour white paints due to addition in small amounts and due to the fact that its deep blue colour counteracts with the yellow of the oils and resins so finally enhances the whiteness of the paint. 

Cobalt driers should preferably be added as near as possible to the end of the manufacturing process

Cobalt when is used alone has the tendency to cause surface wrinkling.  Therefore, it is often used in combinations with other driers such as Calcium, Manganese and Zirconium.

Cobalt driers can be produced with various fatty acids such as neodecanoic, tallow and other synthetic acids. 

Depending on the fatty acid that is used, the drier has different loss-of-dry upon extended storage.​​ 

The drying activity of cobalt driers can be boosted with the use of special chelating agents like 1,10 phenanthroline or 2,2 bipyridyl.

These agents, when used in water alkyd systems, not only​​ boost the dry action of cobalt, but they also prevent hydrolysis and stabilise the metal carboxylate.

These chelating agents are also available and for more information please contact our technical department



- Drier for solvent and water based coatings.

- Printing Ink Drier.

- In solid phase Cobalt carboxylates are used as rubber adhesion promoters.

-​​ Polyester catalyst promoter.


Product range for alkyd resins in solvent-borne coatings


 ORGANO Co 12             




Solvents: White spirit, D60, Esters and Phthalates


 Product range for alkyd resins in water-borne​​ coatings






ORGANO Co 12   Iron drum of 200kg, plastic drum of 50kg and 25kg 

ORGANO Co 10   Iron drum of 200kg,​​ plastic drum of 50kg and 25kg 

ORGANO Co 6  ​​ Iron drum of 180kg, plastic drum of 50kg and 25kg 

ORGANO Co 5   ​​  Iron drum​​ of 180kg, plastic drum of 50kg and 25kg

ORGANO Co WB ​​ Iron drum of 200kg, plastic drum of 50kg and 25kg