Zirconium driers are slightly yellow solutions with low viscosity of zirconium metallic soap of 2-ethyl hexanoic acid in mineral spirit or in methyl esters.




Zirconium driers become widely used due to legislation restriction for lead limitation. 

Zirconium, like lead and rear earth metals serves as a through drier and is used in combination with cobalt - calcium and manganese driers. 

Unlike lead, zirconium is a poor pigment - wetting and dispersing agent therefore the combination with calcium is necessary. 

Zirconium drier has very low toxicity while the maximum drier performance can be best determined experimentally. 

With respect to the toxicity of lead compounds we have to consider that in near future the use of lead based paint driers will eventually be forbidden.  

Although Zirconium driers have been generally accepted as a replacement for lead driers still there are some problems with respect its performance under critical conditions, lower than ten degrees of Celsius and yellowing. 



In lead free paints.

In combination with driers such as: Cobalt, calcium and manganese.


Product range for alkyd resins in solvent-borne coatings





Solvents: White spirit, D60,Methyl esters

SolubilityInsoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents.


Product range for alkyd resins in water-borne coatings




Solvents: White spirit, D60, Methyl esters

Solubility: Water miscible, soluble in organic solvents.



ORGANO Zr 18     Iron dram of 200 kg, plastic drum of 50kg.

ORGANO Zr 12     Iron dram of 200 kg, plastic drum of 50kg.

ORGANO Zr WB   Iron dram of 200 kg, plastic drum of 50kg.


Storage stability: One year in original container at temperatures between -15 °C to 35 °C.