Lithium drier is a low viscosity clear solution of lithium soap in mineral spirit 


Lithium, like lead and rear earth​​ 


metals, serves as a through drier. 

It is used in combination with cobalt, manganese and calcium driers.

The use of lithium as drier is more often since the legislation restriction for lead. 

It is a good pigment-wetting and dispersing agent and it can be used as a loss-of-dry agent in combination with calcium.

In high solid coatings it promotes the through drying and reduces the wrinkling effect.  

It is water soluble and it is used as through drier for water bore alkyd resins.

Lithium is also very effective at low temperatures.


In lead free paints.

Through drier for water borne alkyd resins

In combination with other driers such as Cobalt, Calcium and Manganese.


Our product range

 ORGANO Li 2  

 Solvents: White spirit, D60, Esters

Solubility: Water miscible, soluble in organic solvents.


 Net drum weight 190 kg.