Potassium is a slightly yellow clear solution of potassium soap with medium viscosity.



Potassium serves as a through drier. 

It is basically used in combination with cobalt and manganese.

It assists very efficiently the incorporation of cobalt and manganese driers in water.

It is a good pigment-wetting and dispersing agent and in combination with calcium it can be used as a loss-of-dry agent.

In high solid coatings it promotes through drying and reduces the wrinkling effect.  

It is water soluble and is used as through drier for water bore alkyd resins.  

It is very effective at low temperatures as well.

 Potassium is also advantageous as synergist accelerator with cobalt in unsaturated polyester resins.

 It reduces the ”pinking” effect of cobalt while alters the gel time and the peak exotherm temperature at the curing.


Apart from potassium, copper carboxylates can also be used with the same results to unsaturated polyester resins acting as synergists.

Organometal offers copper bis 2-ethyl hexanoate in white spirit with 8% metal content under the trade name ORGANO Cu 8.



In lead free paints.

Through drier for water borne alkyd resins

It is very efficient in combination with driers such as Cobalt and Manganese.

Catalyst to the curing of polyurethane and polyester resins.


 Our product range

 ORGANO  K 15  

 Solvents: Butyldiglycol 

Solubility: Water soluble, soluble in organic solvents.



Net weight of plastic drum 200 kg,Net weight of IBC1000kg.