Strontium drier is a clear solution with medium viscosity of strontium metallic soap of a synthetic fatty acid in mineral spirit​​ 




Strontium as drier is not widely used​​ yet. This metal is another alternative for lead legislation restriction.​​ 

Strontium seems to overcome the insufficient Zirconium performance and is about to be the most prominent choice for lead substitution.

Strontium promotes through drying and unlike Zirconium does not cause yellowing.​​ 

In addition it is a good pigment - wetting and dispersing agent preventing haze and​​ wrinkling. ​​ 

The toxicity of strontium driers is comparable to calcium while its maximum drier performance can best be determined experimentally. ​​ 

The addition of accelerators increases its efficiency even further.



In lead free paints.

In combination with driers such as: Cobalt, calcium and manganese.

To ​​ high solids systems.


Product range for alkyds in solvent-borne​​ coatings


ORGANO​​ Sr 10


Solvents:​​ White spirit, D60


Solubility:​​ Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents.


Product range for alkyd resins in water-borne​​ coatings




Solvents:​​ White spirit, D60


Solubility:​​ Water miscible, soluble in organic​​ solvents.



Iron dram of 200kg, plastic pail of 50kg.


Storage stability:​​ One year​​ original container at temperatures​​ between -15 °C to 35 °C.


Dosage:​​ 0.03% - 0.3% pure metal on resin solid.